Despite increases in the number of women-owned businesses in Austin, female and nonbinary entrepreneurs still face many barriers. They often lack the networks, community, funding, and visibility to grow in size and sales, and as a result have difficulty reaching the consumers who would be most inclined to support them. SheWork is a series of zines that aims to archive and highlight WOBs in the Austin community in hopes of bringing more customers to the stores.


2. Silk Diaries 

A Conversation with Kylee Banard creator of Silk Diaries. Silk Diaries is Kylee’s side hustle where she sells botanically hand dyed silk scarves, scrunchies and kimonos. The products created for Silk Diaries give Kylee a way to express herself while providing women with methods for self soothing.  

What led you to start your own business?

From the onset of my design career I found my mind, body, and spirit struggling with Imposter Syndrome, a psychological pattern where you doubt your own accomplishments. Desperate to soothe these out-of-place emotions and regain my confidence, I used common design strategies to uncover idiosyncrasies that lied beneath the surface. Pulling inspiration from my silk trimmed childhood blanket and the comfort it provided, I built a brand of naturally dyed silk products that pay homage to issues women face in the workplace.

How do you use Broad Studios as a way to create a community for female artists?

Broad Studios was literally an act of the universe gods. This six of us meeting was pure serendipity and we became family in no time. If there’s a gap, one of us can fill it. If there’s a problem, one of us has experience. If we’re sad, there’s five shoulders to cry on. Not only are we able to provide honesty, support and encouragement to each other on a daily basis, but we are able to open our doors to the community as well. Broad Studios regularly hosts workshops for makers near and far, as well as markets (SXBS), and events (like EAST)–no experience necessary! We hope this lowers the barrier of entry for artists by providing an opportunity to gain experience and confidence in their craft. All are welcome.